Premiere: Oct. 2006
Duration: approx. 60 min
Co-created by

Ludica and Kubilai Kahn Investigations
Choreography / Dance:
Ikue Nakagawa, Frank Micheletti, Morgan Nardi
Visual art: Naoko Tanaka
Live-music: Miguel Constantino (Audiopixel)

Photos on this page: Wiebke Rompel

Co-produced by La Ferme du Buisson, Paris, the Grand Théâtre de la Ville, Luxembourg and the tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf
In collaboration with Commedia Futura, Hannover
Promoted by the Office for Culture of the state capital Düsseldorf, the Kunststiftung NRW and the Prime Minister of the Nordrhein-Westfalen


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